Tweeting in Oregon Symphony concerts encouraged

27 March 2013, 11:33

Never mind sitting in silence or clapping in specific places, players from the Oregon Symphony are inviting audiences to text, tweet, and take photos in their upcoming chamber concerts.

Clapping between movements, taking photos, or using your phone may well be frowned upon in a conventional classical concert, but musicians from Oregon Symphony are hoping to change all that. In their upcoming series of free chamber concerts, Classical Up Close, players are actively encouraging audience members to cast classical conventions aside in the hope of creating a more friendly concert environment.

After cancelling an appearance at Carnegie Hall because it was too expensive, the players found they had a free week in their schedule in May. Instead of travelling to New York, groups of musicians will be performing in their local churches and smaller venues, and hope to bring their performances to a wider audience in the process.

"At these informal events, we will encourage you to do all the things you would not normally do at a classical concert: take photos, tweet, text, clap between movements, and ask us questions," the orchestra posted on their blog. "We want to get to know you and we’re eager for you to get to know us better."

Unlike concerts where there is a clear divide between performers and audience, these intimate chamber concerts will feature chairs on stage for players and non-players alike. The orchestra are not charging admission, but will be accepting donations on behalf of Oregon Symphony.