Stolen violin tracked down on Gumtree

13 June 2013, 10:11 | Updated: 30 September 2014, 14:36

A Scottish musician has been reunited with her antique violin - two years after it was stolen.

A musician from Orkney has been reunited with her stolen violin after her boyfriend found the instrument for sale on the internet. Hannah Graham, 22, never expected to play the violin again after it was taken from a car in Edinburgh two years ago, but struck lucky when her boyfriend Josh McGregor spotted it on internet sales site Gumtree.

The distinctive instrument was made around 1890 in Berlin and is worth more than £1,000. Police seized the fiddle and returned it to its rightful owner after Mr McGregor raised the alarm.

"I’d just been looking online for it every now and again since we lost it and I just got lucky," he said, speaking to the Mail. "I found a guy selling a really old antique fiddle, made in 1890 from Berlin and it had that pick-up from Shetland, so when I saw that I was about 90 per cent sure it was Hannah’s fiddle."

Police have said the person selling the violin was not involved in the original theft. No arrests have been made.