Opera-singing hot dog vendor is sacked

11 September 2013, 10:35

A hot dog salesman in Kansas who is famous for his unique opera-singing style of salesmanship has been sacked.

Charlie Marcuse, who has been selling hot dogs at the Detroit Tigers' Comerica Park stadium for 15 years with his singing of the words 'Hot Dogs', was dismissed last week. Marcuse announced the news via his Twitter account. 


Marcuse claimed that his operatic delivery was inspired by seeing the tenor Luciano Pavarotti and the Three Tenors in concert at the stadium. He was vending hot dogs the same night and decided that he needed a unique way to sell his wares that evening.

In 2004, Marcuse was banned from singing on the stands by the Detroit Tigers, which led to  uproar from fans who had become fond of his style of selling. He was allowed to continue singing "in a limited sort of way," he commented. "The more I sing, the more hot dogs I sell. And people often times won't buy hot dogs from me until I sing."

Marcuse's former employer, Delaware North Companies Sportservice, commented: " "While it would be inappropriate to comment on specific confidential personnel action, in general Detroit Sportservice takes personnel action only after a complete and thorough review of an employee’s performance, all in accordance with its personnel policies and applicable collective bargaining agreements."