New York City Opera to auction costumes, wigs, instruments

21 November 2013, 10:51 | Updated: 18 September 2014, 15:21

The recently bankrupt New York City Opera is to auction costumes, sets, wigs, instruments and more at a forthcoming public sale at the Lincoln Center.

The company filed for bankruptcy last month after failing to raise the required funding total of seven million dollars. As well as appealing for donations offline, they also instigated an online Kickstarter campaign, but the target was missed by $698,981.

Among the assets going on auction will be costumes, wigs, sets, stage tools, computers, office furniture and around 60 individual musical instruments. The gift shop's inventory of CDs and books will also be going on sale.

The public sale was approved earlier this week by Bankruptcy Judge Sean Lane, who stated that the auction "is in the best interests of the debtor, its estate and creditors."

This year's season was to include Endimione by J. C. Bach, Bluebeard's Castle by Bartók, and The Marriage of Figaro by Mozart. New York's Metropolitan Opera is now the sole operatic outlet in the city.