New Interpretation of O Fortuna Revealed

If you’ve ever wondered – and we’re quite sure you have – what an octopus sent to North Korea, playing chess and, er… a cement pizza have in common, then Classic FM can reveal they all form part of the lyrical content of O Fortuna.

Or at least they do according to a hilarious re-interpretation of the Medieval Latin Goliardic poem that has surfaced online. The new version eschews the poem’s original opening lines of, “O Fortuna/Velut luna/statu variabilis/semper crescis/aut decrescis” in favour of “Gopher tuna!/Bring more tuna!/Statue of big dog with fleas”

But why spend time reading about it when you can hear it for yourself? Just click on the video below, learn the new lyrics and be sure to sing along the next time you watch Excalibur.