Gymnast uses video game music in Olympic routine

3 August 2012, 18:00

Using music from The Legend Of Zelda video game may not have won Elsa Garcia Rodriguez the gold, but it's got our approval.

Mexican gymnast Elsa Garcia Rodriguez Blancas has performed her Olympic floor gymnastics routine with a soundtrack taken from the video game The Legend Of Zelda, composed by Koji Kondo. Sadly, Rodriguez Blancas didn't make it through the qualifying stages of the London 2012 games.

The legendary game soundtrack was turned into a string arrangement by violinist Lindsey Stirling for the routine, which saw Rodriguez Blancas place in 35th place (partially due to a hand injury). So while her gymnastic  endeavours may not have been rewarded this time, at least she picked a good soundtrack.

The selection is yet more evidence of the growing stature of video game music in mainstream culture. Works by video games composers have appeared in the Classic FM Hall of Fame, including Nobuo Uematsu's music from Final Fantasy, and Jeremy Soule's music from Skyrim.

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You can also view the routine below.