LSO to Record Computer Written Music

So the jetpacks to work have yet to materialize but the world of science fiction has taken a step closer to reality with the news that the London Symphony Orchestra is to play and record music written by a computer.

Written by a computer programme created by a team of scientists at the University of Malaga, this is the first time music created by artificial intelligence has been deemed good enough for a professional orchestra. The software runs on a cluster of computers named Iamus. The London Symphony Orchestra will be in Malaga later this to record the computer’s music. 

Speaking to The Guardian, Francesco Vito, a member of the team behind Iamus at the University of Malaga said: “When we tell people, they think it's a trick. 

“Some simply don't believe us. Others say it's just creepy.” 

Explaining the technology, Vito continued: “A computer cluster, named Iamus, has been specifically built to fully exploit the potential of this technology 

“Iamus is dedicated to compose melodies, which are collected in an ever growing repository of music of several genres. As this technology develops, longer and more complex music fragments are generated.” 

The recorded results are scheduled for a September release.