Lightspeed Champion turns classical

Devonte Hynes has written a piece of classical music, which he wants his fans to record. The former member of the dance-punk band Test Icicles, who now performs under the name Lightspeed Champion, hopes the project will culminate in a live performance.

In his blog, Hynes refers to his composition as ‘a D-list symphony of sorts. An ode to my favourite composers.’  He will post the instrumental parts on his website one by one, and has asked fans to send him recordings of themselves playing the parts.  The first scores to have been posted are for piano.

The name 'Lightspeed Champion' was inspired by a series of comic strips that Hynes drew in his school maths books.  Hynes' debut album under the name, Falling off the Lavender Bridge, was released in January 2008.  Hynes was voted the 20th 'coolest person in rock' in NME's 2008 Cool List.