Labèque Sisters fly the flag for Minimalism

Across a special three-night celebration at London's Kings Place, Katia and Marielle celebrate the genre popularised in 1961 thanks to a series of concerts in Yoko Ono's apartment.

The concerts in New York, curated by La Monte Young, brought this new musical style to widespread public attention. 50 years on, the Labèque sisters, alongside friends from both the alternative rock and classical worlds, have embarked on a series of concerts to celebrate this landmark. 

Classic FM's Lucy Coward spoke to Katia about the series of live concerts and the best (and worst!) thing about playing piano with her sister. 

Listen to our interview with the Labèque sisters here:

You can catch the Labèques' celebration of Minimalism at London's Kings Place tonight (November 25) and tomorrow (November 26).