Irish actress conquers Beethoven

Beginner Saoirse Ronan masters Piano Sonata No.3 in twelve weeks for a new vampire film.

Ronan took on the challenge when a scene in new film Byzantine sees her character perform the piece. Despite being a complete beginner, the actress mastered the playing in less than twelve weeks.

“There's this scene in the film where my vampire characters sit down to play an old piano and entrances everyone with her playing”, Ronan told the Irish Times.

“My vampire Eleanor is 200 years old in the film and had been playing piano that long, so there was a bit of pressure but I wanted it to look real.”

The actress performed the impressive feat under the tutelage of piano teacher Yvonne Collier. After renting a baby grand, the actress proceeded to practise two hours a day until she'd conquered the tricky piece. According to further reports, Ronan's new found-love of the piano could have an adverse affect on her social life:

“I have a romantic relationship with my piano!", she said.