'Homeless Mozart' stuns Vancouver second-hand shop

2 December 2013, 10:40 | Updated: 2 December 2013, 10:41

A homeless man, known locally as the 'Homeless Mozart', has been charming crowds in a Vancouver second-hand shop.

David Allen Welsh has been homeless since he was six years old, and has never had a music lesson in his life. Yet according to locals, he often moves people to tears with his hypnotic piano playing in a local second-hand shop.

"I don't know how to play music, but I like what I hear in my head," Welsh explained to CNN. He continued: "Sometimes I don't even know what key I'm pushing. My eyes aren't even open. I'm just letting the music play the music."

Believing that his natural talent for the instrument is a gift from God, Welsh says all he does is "sit and close my eyes and say, 'Dad, do what you do, it's your gift'."

Welsh calls the piece he plays in the second-hand shop 'Aerial Aquatas', which he describes as "my version of 'Amazing Grace'."