Has your Parish got talent?

Universal Music, home to the biggest names in pop music, has launched a talent search to find what can only be described as God’s answer to ‘The Glee Club’.

The search for a parish, church or community choir was announced in the UK media with advertisements placed in religious and national press.

The UK is known as a nation that loves to sing and much of that stems from the choral tradition. In fact the first ‘Glee Club’ was launched in London in the 18th century so the Americans have a lot to thank the British for when it comes to community singing. The American TV Series ‘Glee’ epitomises the fun that community singing can bring to the lives of ordinary people - to find a choir in the UK that represent this is indeed an exciting prospect for Universal.

As Mark Wilkinson, General Manager for Decca Records, says, "Hymn singing is in the nation's DNA; this is what you can call real soul music, music that can inspire, uplift, and unite people like no other music can."

So many people’s first experience of music is in their local church or community choir, an invaluable introduction that has been shared by such varied stars as Britney Spears, Kevin Costner, Dudley Moore, Tina Turner and Snoop Dogg! It is the coming together of local people, practising week after week in their own time, which can result in the most uplifting musical experiences. Being in a choir stays with you for the rest of your life.

Howard Goodall, Classic FM Composer-in-residence & National Ambassador for Singing, said of the initiative, "Singing together is one of the most enjoyable, affirmative and life-enhancing activities anyone can do and it is clear that there's something of a revival in community and choral singing going on in the UK right now. This is about joy and participation and unleashing the sound of the nation's soul."

From the hidden talent about to be uncovered in localities across Britain, the most outstanding choir will not only record an album for Universal’s prestigious Decca label, but perform at The Royal Albert Hall in London and be declared 'Britain’s Favourite Choir'.

So sing, for God’s sake and visit www.choirsearch.com to find out more.

Closing date for entries is 18th June 2010.