Glyndebourne singer dislocates knee during opera, keeps performing

5 August 2014, 11:43 | Updated: 18 September 2014, 15:24

German Soprano Christiane Karg has dislocated her left knee during a performance of Mozart's opera La Finta Giardiniera at Glyndebourne.

The injury happened when Karg, who was playing the lead role of Sandrina on stage at the time, fell after jumping through a paper wall which was part of the set.

Audience accounts suggest the injury was immediately apparent and her discomfort was clear. However, after a doctor in the audience was successfully able to relocate her knee on the spot, Karg was able to carry on with her performance.

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Karg completed the opera from a seated position and won a generous response from the crowd when the show finished. It is unknown whether Karg will continue to perform in the rest of the show's run.

A statement from a Glyndebourne spokesperson said: "A performance of La Finta Giardiniera was stopped for a short time following a fall from one of the cast. Soprano Christiane Karg fell and dislocated her left knee."

"Miss Karg, who was keen to continue her performance, sang from a seated position on stage. At the end of the performance Miss Karg received a wonderful reception from the audience, delighted that she had been able to continue her role."

Karg's manager told Classic FM that the singer is awaiting examination results: "Yesterday she saw the doctor and had a scan, she is awaiting the results. Thankfully she has had huge support from Glyndebourne, colleagues and friends and is in good spirits. She will continue performances, however her actions will be modified as she has to be careful on her knee."