Olympic Closing Ceremony: A Symphony of British Music

9 August 2012, 15:01

Titled 'A Symphony of British Music', the closing ceremony is bound to be a celebration of the wealth of UK talent. But what's film composer and Olympic music director David Arnold got in mind?

If the Opening Ceremony is anything to go by, the music choices at the London 2012 Closing Ceremony will demonstrate the diversity and talent in British classical music. We're hoping for Elgar, Holst, Delius, and Vaughan Williams, played by any of our wonderful UK orchestras.

Details about the ceremony are firmly under wraps, but the sections will flow together thanks to recordings made by Arnold and the London Symphony Orchestra. These will include original music and newly composed material, as well as links between classical and pop music.

“Elgar’s definitely not going to be showing up, though his music will be," joked Arnold in The Telegraph. "But even the reading of that will be slightly mischievous, slightly absurd.”

In celebration of all things patriotic, Classic FM is devoting a whole day to some of the best of British classical music. Tune in to 'British Music Monday' on 13 August.