Classical music takes to the skies

Hot air balloons have been piping classical music to sleeping Londoners in an audacious new experiment.

Classical music has gone airborne recently in a venture that’s seen a number of hot air balloons take off with the aim of soothing slumbering Londoners. The wonderful experiment, a brainchild of artist Luke Jerran and British composer Dan Jones, also heralds a year before the arrival of the 2012 Olympics.

Presented by Mayor of London Boris Johnson and the London International Festival of Theatre, the final performance will be tomorrow morning and will see the seven hot air balloons gradually rise to 500ft before playing a musical score composed by award-winning British musician Dan Jones.

Before the final journey, we spoke to Dan about his wondrous experiment, the minimalist-influenced composition and about the unique difficulties of getting 7 balloons to play the same music at the same time.

Listen to the interview now