Classical music reality TV show to launch in India

18 July 2013, 16:05

What better way to get young people involved in classical music than a reality show? At least, that's the logic behind India's search for a new star.

India's first classical music reality show is being launched by The Society for Promotion of Indian Classical Music and Culture Amongst Youth (SPIC MACAY) later this month. The new show, called Naad Bhed, aims to inspire young people to get involved with Indian classical music and its traditions. Anyone under the age of 26 can apply to take part.

"We want to encourage the youth of India to get attached to their culture of classical music which has been, of late, swept by Bollywood music," said SPIC MACAY's Vivek Sinha. "We are sure the programme will pull out the talent even from the remotest part of the country."

Prizes will be awarded to two vocalists, instrumentalists, and accompanists - one from each of the different styles of Indian classical music in the competition: Carnatic and Hindustani. Two overall winners will each receive Rs. 10 Lakhs (around £11,000), and will feature on a new album.

Participation is encouraged from all over the country, but only the best players can apply - before anyone submits an application form, their teacher must certify they've been playing for four years or more. The final rounds will be aired on the Doordarshan national network, with the grand finale taking place in Mumbai.