Breaking Bad opera to premiere in 2014

9 October 2013, 16:28 | Updated: 18 September 2014, 15:48

The hit US TV show is making its mark on the world of classical music just one week after the series finale.

Inspired by the moral journey of Breaking Bad's lead character, Walt White, as well as a sonnet by Shelley, composer Sung Jin Hong is calling for suggestions for this new mini-opera.

Music lovers and fans of the show have been invited to submit their thoughts on how the music should take shape. As it stands, Sung Jin Hong is debating whether to focus on individual characters, unforgettable moments from the series, or use elements from Shelley's Ozymandias - a sonnet about the demise of the powerful, after which an episode from the fifth series is named.

"It is tempting to fully dive into the universe of Breaking Bad and embrace its elements, depicting moral chaos," Hong said.

"At this very moment, the details of Breaking Bad — Ozymandias may not be confirmed, but I hope to explore the question that the drama obsessively and hauntingly asked: are we all breaking bad?"

Breaking Bad - Ozymandias will premiere as part of the One World Symphony's Addiction concert series in New York in January 2014. Other music on the programme includes La Captive by Berlioz and music from Wagner's The Flying Dutchman.