Big Ben chimes in Olympic composition

26 July 2012, 17:51

Here's your chance to take part in a national classical music composition, playing alongside Alfie Boe, Julian Lloyd-Webber, and even Big Ben. Ding dong!

Ever wanted to play alongside the nation's classical superstars? At 8.12am tomorrow morning, everyone in the UK is invited to take part in a brand new composition entitled ‘All The Bells’, where “all the bells in a country are rung as quickly and loudly as possible for three minutes.”

This is the aim of Turner Prize-winning artist and musician, Martin Creed, who aims to break the record for the greatest number of bells being rung at any one time.

So far there are 69 bell-ringing events planned around the UK. Alfie Boe, Julian Lloyd Webber, the Royal Opera, and the Handbell Ringers of Great Britain are also taking part.

Big Ben will lead the way, being rung 40 times. Usually the hourly chimes are automated, but for the first time since February 1952, the bell will be rung outside of its regular schedule by hand.

Creed said his composition, officially titled Work No. 1197 was inspired by hearing church bells ringing when he was younger. He said he thought the noise made by church bells was brilliant.

He said: “I don’t know which bells are better, so I thought it would be best to try and ring them all.”

If the idea sounds a-peal-ing, there’s still time to register your interest and take part. Visit the official All The Bells website for details.