The Simpsons sends Bart to classical piano lessons

16 May 2013, 14:55 | Updated: 16 May 2013, 15:24

The latest episode of the American cartoon sees 10-year-old troublemaker Bart Simpson learning the piano.

Classical music is widely used as a calming force - from being played in public places to deter crime, to being broadcast to animals in zoos. But now it seems Bart Simpson is the latest troublemaker to be prescribed classical music in an attempt to improve his behaviour.

Bart is first offered lessons on the sliding-whistle, sitar, and the theremin - an electronic instrument controlled without being touched - but eventually settles for the piano after developing a crush on his attractive Russian teacher, played by American actress Jane Krakowski. Despite his obvious lack of musical ability, he fakes his way through a concert by miming along to a piano recording.

The 528th episode of The Simpsons, which aired in the USA on Sunday, featured music by Chopin as well as a cameo from the ghost of Beethoven. Teen pop star Justin Bieber also made an appearance, starring as himself.

Picture: Fox, The Fabulous Faker Boy