Oven company mistakes an oboe for a clarinet in hilarious advert fail

13 June 2019, 16:53

By Maddy Shaw Roberts

Spot the mistake in this advert for a wall oven, and join a whole load of outraged musicians...

An advert for GE’s new Profile Wall Oven is being roasted on social media for its misjudged musical dubbing.

The video, which comes from oven company GE Appliances, shows an ‘oboist’ bopping her way through a kitchen. The caption underneath reads: “Have your hobbies and your chicken too. Discover the GE Profile Wall Oven, featuring Precision Cooking Modes that automatically adjust the temperature for perfect results.”

Unfortunately, whoever was in charge of dubbing the music in the advert made a bit of a serious musical boo-boo. Instead of using the sound of an oboe to soundtrack the oboist’s playing, they used the sound of... a clarinet.

The company used the sound of a clarinet to dub an oboist
Not a clarinet. Picture: GE Appliances

The error resulted in a slew of savage comments underneath the advert, with one Facebook user writing: “Wow. Apparently if you only move your left hand, the oboe sounds like a clarinet! Amazing!”

Another commented: “This is either the worst sounding oboe I’ve ever heard or the best-looking clarinet!”, while another wrote: “All us musicians losing our collective 💩 #MakeItMakeSense #ImWeak.”

One user attempted a more in-depth analysis of the video: “This oboist now wants to return his GE range – the ineptitude is astounding.

“Is this ad perhaps just the prelude to an announcement that GE will be making a much needed investment in public school music education?”

GE’s new Profile Wall Oven
GE’s new Profile Wall Oven. Picture: GE Appliances

Was the sound engineer just having a bad day? Or was this a deliberate attempt to make the ultimate woodwind instrument: the clarinoboe?

Either way, you could say their venture was a bit half-baked…