Watch this awesome 5-year-old play Chopin's Minute Waltz like it's nbd

21 August 2018, 14:23

By Elizabeth Davis

Evan Le is an amazing young pianist who's made a name for himself performing music by some of the greatest composers on YouTube – and millions of people have been wowed by his talent

Evan Le was just five years old in this videos of him playing Chopin's notoriously hard 'Minute' Waltz. it's been viewed over a million times on YouTube and has been shared around the world.

His dad told Classic FM: “When he was around 2.5 years of age, his older brother, Brandon, wanted a $20 toy keyboard.  When Evan first touched to keys and heard the sounds coming from them he became fascinated. All I can say is he loves the piano. No one has to tell him to practice. He'd come to the piano and play music multiple times a day.  

“He memorizes music pieces incredibly fast. A 30-page concerto will take him about 2 weeks to memorize and play fluidly.”

You go Evan! Here he is playing some beautiful Mozart:

And you can see much more of Evan – who is now just over 7 years old – on his YouTube channel here.