22 colourfully painted pianos to brighten up your day

11 April 2019, 17:12 | Updated: 11 April 2019, 17:49

Painted pianos
Painted pianos. Picture: Instagram: aliceingraz/carlagamboa.art

By Helena Asprou

From psychedelic rainbows and Stevie Wonder to a Van Gogh masterpiece, we just can't get enough of these beautifully painted pianos

  1. This rainbow piano in Arizona is keeping the kids entertained...

  2. Birds and butterflies in New Zealand

  3. A floral charity commission in NYC

  4. Monochrome keys in Colorado

  5. Rattle your bones on this colourful Mexican piano...

  6. A Chopin waltz, played in technicolour

  7. Wild horses

  8. ‘Art is a Lifetime Progression’ mural

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    That's a wrap! 😜 Finished up my mural, "Art is a Lifetime Progression" around 3pm today and I'm so thrilled with how it turned out. About 73 hours in 13 days...phew! Stay tuned tomorrow...I'll post all sides and fun out takes after some muuuuch needed rest. Shout out to my people: @jnovakartist , @mjdotcalm , and pal Kristy for helping paint throughout this project. Thank you @pianos_about_town and @focoart for this project and for supporting local art and music in beautiful Fort Collins, Colorado. ✏️🎨🎹 Hope everyone enjoys jammin' on this piano - Thanks for following along instaworld!✌️☺️ Goodnight folks! #focoart #focomusic #piano #pianopics #paintedpianos #streetmusic #streetart #artistprocess #workinprogress #artisttools #toolsofthetrade #pianomural #mural #artisalifetimeprogression

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  9. A Van Gogh-inspired upright

  10. Because everyone needs a squirrel-painted piano in their life...

  11. Perfect for your next duet

  12. Zebra stripes in a coastal town

  13. Striking design on a Steinway concert grand

  14. Isn't she lovely?

  15. Psychedelic keys

  16. A piano-shaped tribute to the patroness of musicians

  17. How pretty is this nature-inspired piece?

  18. We're loving the detail on this beauty...

  19. Flower power

  20. Rocket man...

  21. How many Marilyns can you spot?

  22. A Banksy-inspired masterpiece