16 string player confessions that will make you say ‘same’

9 August 2018, 16:39

Cello hair problems

Didn’t practise for the whole summer and now you have major life regrets? Same.

1. When your instrument keeps holding you back from your full potential


2. When you forget that not practising for a month means losing like, a year of string skills

Tumblr cello meme

3. When you’d give anything to be a virtuoso, but cba to put in the hours

tumblr skill level meme

(tumblr - new world symphony)


4. When you eventually give in to practising two hours a day, and your body decides to fight back


.... A classic...  #dailycersei #violinproblems #violin

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5. When you’re in public, and nothing is practical


Any answers??? #violinproblems #airportbathrooms #suzukiviolin #teachertraining #anyonewithme

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6. When your relationship status is: in a close-distance clingy relationship with your cello


Relationship status: overly attached to my cello  #nicothecello #celloproblems #dontjudge

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7. When the violins get all the attention and it’s not fair


8. But when you’d give anything, just for one day (without telling them you want to be like them) to play treble clef with them


9. When winter is your cold, heartless enemy


10. The fact that at some point in your career, someone will compare your sound to a screeching cat and think it’s ok


11. When non-string players don’t get why rosin is so important, but you know that when it breaks, your sound is terrible and your life is over


RIP to my rosin that I managed to smash all over the floor this morning #violin #sadness #violinproblems

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12. When your love life is off the chain


13. When search engines throw you massive shade


That hurts, Google.  #Violist #musicianslife #violaproblems #violaprobz #musiclife

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14. When people’s general intolerance gives you great DIY skills


15. When frustration didn’t make sense to you until you first had to borrow someone else’s shoulder rest


16. When your instrument never lets you be the glamorous princess you deserve to be


Every time I play my cello, this happens  #celloproblems #cello #longhairproblems

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You still sound out of this world, though.