13 reasons to immediately stop liking classical music

21 February 2018, 12:44

reasons to stop liking classical

It’s time to set the record straight about our views on classical music. Here are all the reasons why it sucks.

1. It’s really boring and quiet



2. Only nasty, snobby people like it


3. It’s not at all romantic


4. Everyone who listens to it is like, a grandad


5. So is everyone who plays it


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6. AND everyone who conducts it



7. Classical music doesn’t do funny memes *pity laugh*

Bach chicken meme 


8. Or silly gifs



9. Classical people hate fun and are massive party-poopers


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10. And they definitely never drink

  Beer trumpet t-shirt

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11. There are no cute doggos in classical music.


12. Or fluffy cats.


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13. Or teeny, tiny kittens.


Just stop liking classical music, OK? It’s totally old and sad.