A pair of glasses were left on an art gallery floor, and were mistaken for modern art

8 February 2020, 21:43 | Updated: 10 February 2020, 09:01

Modern art glasses
Modern art glasses. Picture: Twitter / @kdotvin

By Kyle Macdonald

Teenagers left some spectacles on floor of San Francisco’s Museum of Modern Art as a prank, but it was actually really wonderful.

What is art? It’s been the question that’s puzzled philosophers for centuries. And back in 2016, two teenagers decided to act out the question with a prank shared on Twitter.

Bemused by some of the abstract and experimental exhibits at San Francisco’s Museum of Modern Art, Kevin Nguye and TJ Khayatan put a pair of glasses on the gallery floor to see what would happen.

The pair then took cover and watched what unfolded. Gallery-goers passed, looked, looked closer, reflected, thought and photographed. Fortunately, the perpetrators documented the whole debacle on Twitter.

This was a wonderful reminder that art is actually whatever you feel it is. And it can be anywhere for any reason, you just need to feel it. Thanks, Kevin and TJ.

And yes people did find the irony of the modern art troll that then created modern art. "...by making the tweet about it, it's now art For Real™!", tweeted Nimbus Wolf.