6 things every music lover needs in the age of social distancing

18 June 2020, 12:42 | Updated: 18 June 2020, 15:54

If you’re looking for a music-related gift for a friend, or wanting to treat yourself, there are plenty of books, gadgets and online events to indulge every classical fan during a socially-distanced summer.

  1. A subscription to an online concert hall

    Over the last few weeks, orchestras, opera, and festivals have moved online, creating a trove of musical gifts for everyone.

    Many big orchestras and opera houses have their own online subscriptions, and others offer donation points.

    Packed audiences in concert halls may be but a memory for now, but the music still continues. Go on, get a virtual ticket, or fire in an online donation – this is a great way to enjoy the music, and also support the arts during uncertain times.

    Orchestral strings
    Orchestral strings. Picture: Getty
  2. Fill every rooms with music with smart speakers

    Smart speakers are all the rage, and are a great way for the audio-ally inclined to get their podcast and music fix. New models also have fantastic speakers in them.

    Link a few models together in an app, for symphonies to serenade the entire house in lockdown!

  3. Summer is for reading, so read classically!

    With lots of time at home, on the balcony or in the garden, make sure you enjoy summer with a good book. Why not keep those creative juices flowing with a classical read?

    Piano and bookcase
    Piano and bookcase. Picture: Getty
  4. Jazz up the decor in your home office

    Impress your video-call colleagues with some striking musical artwork in the background.

    A beautiful sheet of piano manuscript might be the perfect chic addition.

  5. Add some musical kitch to your kitchen

    With restaurants closed, we’re all spending much more time in the kitchen. How about some witty music-inspired accessorises as you get *Chopin* your onions and *Handel* your pots and pans.

    Here’s a great online store full of lots of things to bring a smile. You can't beat an orchestral tea mug, can you?

    Classical tea mug
    Classical tea mug. Picture: Classic FM
  6. Heading to the market?

    Who doesn’t love a tote bag, especially a musical one? You always need one, and it’s a perfect way to look sharp as you take your socially-distanced stroll to try and find bread flour.

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