How to get a baby to sleep – with the help of some relaxing classical music

18 January 2019, 14:42

Sleep Baby Sleep
Sleep Baby Sleep is released on 25 January. Picture: Classic FM

By Sofia Rizzi

How can you get a newborn to sleep at night? To mark the release of our new Classic FM album 'Sleep Baby Sleep' on 25 January, we asked sleep expert Jo Tantum what are her top five tips for getting the little ones to sleep.

Classic FM's new album Sleep Baby Sleep is designed with the science of babies in mind.

From relaxing classical music by Mozart and Brahms to calming classical arrangements of songs by Michael Jackson, Adele and Ed Sheeran, this 15-track album evokes a sense of nostalgia and familiarity which is sure to help your little one drift off to sleep.

Sleep Baby Sleep is a classical album created in collaboration with baby sleep expert Jo Tantum to help babies find gentle relaxation and go to sleep.

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Here, Jo Tantum gives her top five tips on getting babies to sleep:

  1. Always listen to your gut

    Your baby doesn’t just cry for a feed, there are many other reasons, including tiredness. If your baby has had a feed and is still upset, try for a nap.

  2. Be sensitive to the light

    Babies become very sensitive to light as they get older. This sensitivity tends to peak at around 4 months old and is a huge developmental leap for them. Try to use blackout for daytime naps and at nights to help with unwanted early morning awakening’s, and avoid switching on the light when feeding.

    Instead, use the en-suite or landing light for slight illumination. You can also experiment with products like the ‘Mee light’ which has a low blue glow. Darkness triggers melatonin - the sleepy hormone. However, when lights are on babies will be unable to switch off and will in turn, fight sleep.

  3. Swaddling

    Swaddling your baby in a natural breathable material can really help them sleep better. They feel more snug and secure just like being in the womb. If they start fretting in the early evening, take them into a dark room, play this album and swaddle them, holding them closely.

  4. Sleep triggers

    Just like adults, babies need triggers to go to sleep. Having a total blackout, a comfortable place to lay (cot), a swaddle (or sleeping bag), a bedtime story (from around 4 months), cuddles and soothing sounds will help them wind down and become naturally sleepy.

  5. Quiet time before bed - and some relaxing music

    Have some quiet time before bedtime every night, therefore, no TV or tinkly toys. Use this music to help your baby become calm and relaxed, ready for bedtime. Around an hour before bedtime you can have nappy off time (from 6 weeks) and then bath time. While your baby is feeding you can continue playing this music (Sleep Baby Sleep) in the background, it will soon become a trigger for sleep.

Sleep Baby Sleep is available to pre-order from Friday 18th January, and is released on 25th January.