The 10 worst things about playing the drums

20 February 2015, 17:18 | Updated: 6 January 2017, 14:45

With Whiplash set to make a splash (geddit?) at the Oscars, we take a look at the worst aspects of taking up the sticks. Calluses are the very least of your worries.

1. Pressure

Everyone's counting on you to set the tempo, drum guy. Don't let the speed get away from you, or you'll ruin everyone's day.


2. Orchestral parts aren't always the most demanding

No matter what fun the orchestra are having, getting stuck into their meaty, challenging parts, the percussion section have to just provide a bit of oom-pah.


3. Calluses

Ever felt like your hands are ablaze with the heat of a thousand suns? No? Clearly you've never paradiddled for hours at a time before rehearsals have even started.

(via Flickr)


4. Drum face

Effort is not pretty. 


5. Sticks are hard to hang on to

They're slippery, thin and they just will not behave themselves. Just when you think you've got a handle on them, your sticks will magically leap from your hands at the most inopportune moment, like this indie-schmindie guy in his parents' front room.


6. It's easy to get carried away

Seriously, pal. Calm down.


7. Marching bands

It's fine for everyone else who can see where they're going. Drummers not only have to keep the beat, they have to remain upright.


8. Rudiments

It's like this, but forever. And ever. 


9. The absolute pressure to be the fastest

It might not look like he's doing much, but just LOOK AT HIS FACE.


10. Drummers' rage

You know what people say. 'Oh, drumming must be great for taking out all your frustration!' If only it were that simple.