The silliest classical music videos

Classical music can be serious, and it can be very silly. Here, we celebrate the latter with some of our favourite clips.

A reporter drops his microphone... into a sousaphone

This Fox newscaster got a very fast lesson in the perils of marching band reporting. It was never a good idea to try and get that close to the mightiest brass instrument of all. Enjoy the moment, and the awkward retrieval of said microphone. 

Soprano subtitle win

This poor soprano doesn't know that the subtitles behind her have been changed to resemble what she's singing, rather than the actual translation. A cruel joke from conductor Rainer Hersch, but we couldn't help laughing - and kudos for phrases like 'Mattress Tester'.

The bassoon and the crow - a duet

How's this for an unlikely duet - the woodwind instrument's soft baritone rasp, and that harsh caw of the crow? It may not be the most traditional windowsill serenade, but they both seem to love it.