This vocalist flawlessly SINGS the most difficult jazz saxophone solo of all-time

John Coltrane's quick-fire notes over the rapidly changing chords of his composition 'Giant Steps' is an astonishing display of instrumental virtuosity. But when it's sung by heart, it's absolutely mind bending.

At a staggering 286 beats per minute, and an ultra-demanding chord progression, John Coltrane's Giant Steps is regarded as one of the greatest challenges in jazz. The great tenor saxophonist recorded it in 1959 and laid down an immensely virtuosic, hard-bop improvistaion which was to become regarded as one of the finest and most inventive solos in all jazz.

Enter French vocalist Camille Bertault. She takes the cascades of notes and originated figures from Coltrane's tenor, and raises the bar to a note-for note vocal rendition. And she doesn't miss a beat. We reckon her wordless solo's a phenomenal display of vocal technique, virtuosity and musicality.

For reference, here's Coltrane's original improvisation (with an animated transcription for full awe and enjoyment) 

Here's some more vocal splendour from Camille - for more, follow her on Facebook.