10 videos of astonishing child prodigies

Wunderkinds take to their instruments and show us their mind-melting talent. Sit back and prepare to be inspired and utterly staggered by their abilities.

Alma Deutscher plays her own violin concerto

This nine-year-old is a true prodigy. A composer as well as a performer, here Deutscher plays the Allegro vivace e scherzando from her own violin concerto. We should tell you she's also penned an opera - and was six at the time. Thinking about all that talent makes your head hurt a little, doesn't it?

Unbelievably beautiful musicianship from a 10-year-old harpist

Young Russian harpist Alisa Sadikova is astonishing. At seven she played Carnegie Hall, and once in double digits attended St Petersburg’s State Conservatory. Here she is, age 10, performing an utterly exquisite piece - The Fountain, by Marcel L. Grandjany. Watch out: the only thing cascading more than the melodies will be your tears.


Music teacher and young pupil play a Bach double concerto

This violin teacher and her six-year-old pupil take on some Bach and it makes us feel all the feelings. Oh, and the pupil is also an incredibly talented child prodigy who can pull off some pretty spectacular runs without breaking a sweat. Simultaneous 'aah' and 'wow'.

Incredible Chopin from a self-taught 8-year-old

A stunning virtuosic display from this youngster on a street piano. Amazingly, he's said to have never had a piano lesson, and taught himself how to play by watching YouTube piano tutorials. Watch and be amazed.

The teenage Hilary Hahn

A child prodigy who has made the jump to full classical stardom. We thought you'd enjoy this glimpse of the young violinist's exceptional early talent. Just 15 years old, covered in 1990s tinsel, smashing out some solo Bach: what a star.   

This kid's stunning Chopin study

Are you working hard at your piano playing? Would you like to be utterly demoralised? Introducing 8-year-old Joshua Han. Here he is taking to one of Chopin's finger-breaking Etudes.

The virtuosos outplayed by a 9-year-old

Samuel Tan may not have reached double figures yet, but he recently made headlines when he won an international violin competition, beating players in their 20s and 30s. We bet that made them feel great. Taking a look at his abilities in this video, they'd have had little to complain about.

Pre-school Bach from Jacob Velazquez

You remember what life was like as a preschooler? Playing in the backyard, Marmite sandwiches, building Lego, learning the complete Partitas of Bach and piano sonatas of Clementi... right? No? OK, just this guy then.

Grade 5, age 5

Yes, that's right. Take a look at Tsung Tsung when he (after a little encouragement) takes to the keys. It's a video that's as flabbergasting as it is cute. He's now clocked up 8 million YouTube views as well.

From sensational prodigy to classical superstar

And now a classic one from the rich history of classical Wunderkinds. Here's Evgeny Kissin, who venturesomely proved that a child prodigy can go on to have a distinguished career as a soloist, and that you can have the same haircut for over three decades. Here's his breakthrough performance, as a 12-year-old playing Chopin's Piano Concerto No 1.