A toddler dropped his flute in a vase and his arm got stuck. So, firefighters rescued him.

14 August 2020, 15:04

Adorable 2-year-old is helped out by fireman after getting arm stuck in vase getting his flute out

By Maddy Shaw Roberts

Adorable tot drops recorder into a vase, gets arm stuck trying to fish it out, is rescued by firefighters. What a journey...

Firefighters in Alabama, US have rescued a toddler who got his little arm stuck in a vase, after trying to fish out his recorder.

Grant Watson, who at two years old already loves to practise his musical instrument, had woken up on Saturday morning to do some practice.

But somehow, around 7.30am, he accidentally dropped the instrument into a vase.

His mum, Krispin Watson, told WBRC that instead of turning the vase upside down to get the recorder out, Grant decided to reach inside to pull it out – and his arm got stuck.

Krispin tried to free her son’s arm, to no avail. And when she pulled on the vase instead, Grant started screaming.

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Cute 2-year-old boy drops his recorder in a vase, gets arm stuck, is rescued by firefighters
Cute 2-year-old boy drops his recorder in a vase, gets arm stuck, is rescued by firefighters. Picture: Courtesy of Krispin Watson

Fortunately, the Watsons live just two miles from Calera Fire Department, so Krispin drove over there to get help.

In strode firefighter Nic Schoggen who, after checking for any injuries, used washing up liquid and water to remove young Grant’s arm from the vase, along with the plastic instrument.

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Krispin told WBRC that, unsurprisingly, her baby boy was more interested in the fire trucks then getting the vase off.

“I just want to thank the first responders and essential workers who don’t hesitate to help and make the experience one to remember!” she said. “Grant has been saying ‘fire truck’ all weekend.”

Ah, the heady days of being a music-loving toddler…