Owner catches her cat playing the piano, with surprising virtuosity…

8 January 2024, 15:13 | Updated: 8 January 2024, 17:32

Cat piano prodigy surprises owner with tuneful solo.
Cat piano prodigy surprises owner with tuneful solo. Picture: Tiktok: @rebecca88833

By Siena Linton

An unsupervised cat delighted his owner with an uncharacteristically virtuosic piano solo.

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An unsuspecting owner was amazed by her cat who, when left unattended on a piano stool, began to play a surprisingly tuneful melody.

The cat, named Goose, took full advantage of the unsupervised moment by taking to the 88 keys to perform his Piano Piece for Four Paws.

With his tail waving expressively as he played, Goose’s solo kicked off with an experimental series of crunchy chords, with a clear influence from Eric Whitacre.

A few variations on this original theme followed, and Goose left a tasteful and thoughtful pause before throwing in a bluesy triplet. That cat sure can play...

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Goose’s moving composition ended with a four-pawed descent to the lower register of the piano, ending in a slightly tentative dismount.

The pawed pianist’s owner, Rebecca, was clearly impressed by her pet’s virtuosity, captioning the video: ‘My son, Goose. A child prodigy.’

The comment section agreed, with users commenting, “get this cat in lessons immediately”, and, “I feel like I’m at a jazz club, definitely a prodigy.”

It would seem that this was not Goose’s first foray into the art of piano playing. Rebecca had previously posted a video of a sweet duet between the two of them, as she played some chords while Goose improvised a bass line.

All we can say is: we’re impressed, and hope Goose is signed to a record deal very soon.