The incredible story of blind twins Fabiana and Paula Chávez, and their life of piano duets

16 January 2019, 17:30

By Kyle Macdonald

The world is full of stories of the power of music, and this story is a genuinely remarkable one.

Born in Buenos Aires, twin sisters Fabiana and Paula Chávez gradually lost their eyesight due to a rare genetic disorder called Stargardt Disease. By the time that they were in their teens, they were both completely blind.

When their eyesight began to deteriorate their father bought a piano as a gift and encouraged them to play together.

They told Classic FM: “Playing together is a joy for us, because we are very connected to each other. As we are playing, we almost feel the same, as if we are one person.

“Music came to our lives to release the bad feelings of the disease. Music is the most important thing for us.”

After that first encounter with a piano, the sisters have performed concerts together and obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Musical Arts from the National University of Arts in Buenos Aires. They have now moved to London to begin Masters study at Trinity Laban Conservatoire.

Fabiana and Paula Chávez also undertake research to help other visually-impaired music students.

The twins are performing at Trinity Laban in London on 24 January.