21 pawfect dog names for classical music lovers

26 May 2023, 14:03 | Updated: 26 May 2023, 14:07

Pianist Alberto Giurioli plays calming music for RSPCA rescue dog

By Maddy Shaw Roberts

Love classical music, but love dogs more? Call your four-legged companion one of these names, and be their best friend furever.

It’s hard to be original with pet names these days. But we’re here to help, with our specially curated selection of the greatest classical music-inspired dog names.

So whether your furry friend is more of a Johann Sebastian Bark or a Claws Debussy, it’s time to give them the great classical title they deserve.

(And when you’re done, why not try our quiz to find out what breed of dog you are, based on your taste in music?)

  1. Zadog the Priest

    Catholic doggo
    Catholic doggo. Picture: Jennifer Ingram
  2. Johann Sebastian Bork

    via GIPHY
  3. Andrea Poochelli

    Andrea Bocelli and his dog
    Andrea Bocelli and his dog. Picture: Classic FM
  4. Ludwig van Beetwoofen

    Beethoven. Picture: Universal Pictures
  5. Handel Queen of Shiba

    Queen with dog
    Queen with dog. Picture: Getty
  6. Pug-liacci

    Sad Pug-liacci
    Sad Pug-liacci. Picture: Getty
  7. Woofgang Amadeus Mozart

    via GIPHY
  8. Franz Shoobert

  9. Giacomo Poochini

    Giacomo Poochini
    Giacomo Poochini. Picture: Getty
  10. Niccolò Puganini

    Pug on piano
    Pug on piano. Picture: Social media
  11. Herbert Howls

  12. Edward German Shepherd

    Edward German
    Edward German. Picture: Getty
  13. Hildogard of Bingen

  14. Clawed Debussy

  15. Rimsky Clawsakov

    Bee doggo
    Bee doggo. Picture: social media
  16. Bugle the beagle

    Dog playing reveille on the trumpet.

  17. J.C. Bark

  18. St. Bernard Passion

    St Bernard Passion
    St Bernard Passion. Picture: Universal Pictures
  19. Thea Muzzlegrave

  20. Stockschnauzen

    Schnauzer. Picture: Getty
  21. The Second Bernese School

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