Someone is turning great classical composers into rice balls and it’s a thing of beauty

17 September 2021, 16:29

Rice ball composers
Rice ball composers. Picture: onigirigekijo / Instagram

By Kyle Macdonald

The world’s great composers come to life in rice form, thanks to Japanese onigiri and one classical-loving cook.

Fancy some Schubert with your sushi? You’re closer than you think.

Making Japanese Onigiri, or rice balls, is an intricate art that provides keen cooks with the opportunity to get creative.

Instagram creator onigirigekijo is clearly a music lover who was keen to make a testament to some favourite classical composers, in sushi form.

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With grain-by-grain precision, and intricately placed nori and miniature garnishes, these incredibly clever, edible creations take shape. From Chopin and Schubert, to Beethoven and Bach, we’re in mouth-watering awe.

And punctuated through the canon of western music, there is – of course – a cute cat or two. It is social media after all.

And if this all puts you in the mood for some starchy symphonies, do make sure that you subscribe to their channel.

  1. Rice Chopin

  2. More rice Chopin (feat. expressive eyes)

  3. Johann Sushi-tian Bach

  4. Ludwig van Bento-ven

  5. Franz Schubert, composer of the song cycle Winter-rice-e

  6. Classical cats, ready for the ballet