Nicola Benedetti launches new educational video series ‘With Nicky’

2 April 2019, 15:55

Violinist Nicola Benedetti has launched a new online series of educational videos to inform and guide young musicians through their development.

Classic FM is partnering with Nicola Benedetti on an exciting new video series, to support and guide young musicians.

In 'With Nicky', the leading violinist and advocate for music education will help young musicians to develop their sound and vibrato on the violin, as well as giving essential practising tips.

“I meet so many fantastic young musicians and teachers across the world and yearn for more regular interaction with all of them,” says Nicola.

“It is tough to practice, it’s difficult to stay motivated and to know the best way forward. I have had the huge fortune in my life of being exposed to some of the world’s greatest violin and music teachers, and I want to make as much of the information available to as many people as possible.”

So far the series has included advice on vibrato and developing your sound, the left hand as well as a 'back to basics' video.

The video series comes as Benedetti plans to establish her new charity for young musicians and teachers, the Benedetti Foundation.

The foundation will support young musicians, helping them to build discipline, concentration and perseverance in their playing.

“We will discuss what it is to patiently listen, to be fully present, to express thoughts and feelings with clarity and integrity, and to empathetically support each other to achieve a collective goal,” she said.

We will be releasing a new video of With Nicky every Tuesday, starting on Tuesday 29 January.

All the videos can be viewed on this page, or on Nicola’s YouTube channel – watch the latest video on vibrato here.