This Scandinavian music for nyckelharpa is utterly spine-tingling

13 June 2017, 17:31

By Amy MacKenzie

This Swedish instrument looks and sounds like something out of Game of Thrones.

Myrkur, a Danish musician, is striving to combine the rawness of second-wave black metal bands with a natural sonic, etheral beauty. Classic combo, you'll agree.

Fair enough, this doesn't sound like something you would typically hear on Classic FM, but the result is simply beautiful, almost bewitching.

Her traditional Swedish musical instrument, however, is not too dissimilar to a classical fiddle or viol. The nyckelharpa is a stringed instrument with keys attached to tangents which, when a key is pressed, serve as frets to change the pitch of the string.

You can find more information on Myrkur's unique perspective on this genre and her music on her Facebook, Instagram and YouTube