Amazing footage shows a sleepwalking girl playing the piano (and it sounds a lot like Arvo Pärt)

21 July 2015, 09:48 | Updated: 21 July 2015, 10:15

A video of a young girl playing the piano has appeared on YouTube. Nothing unusual in that – but in this video, she’s sound asleep.

The video was posted by a YouTube user who wrote: “This is my cousin's daughter, she sleepwalks every now and then. But on this occasion she played the piano… she really is fast asleep.”

The girl plays first with her left hand, then her right before using both hands to play a simple melody that’s reminiscent of pieces like Arvo Pärt’s Spiegel im Spiegel.

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She can be heard snoring while playing and appears to be resting her head on the lid of the piano.

There is some debate on YouTube as to whether the footage is genuine, but James Hodgson, who posted the video, assured viewers it was and said: “The next morning she could not remember doing this.”