Watch: Renée Fleming sings ‘Danny Boy’ in a moving tribute to US senator John McCain

2 September 2018, 21:44 | Updated: 2 September 2018, 22:53

John McCain funeral: Renee Fleming performs 'Danny Boy'

By Maddy Shaw Roberts

The internationally renowned opera singer, who grew up in Churchville, sang the Irish ballad at a memorial service for the late John McCain on Saturday.

Yesterday, Renée Fleming sang a beautifully moving version of ‘Danny Boy’, in a performance that brought Cindy McCain to tears.

Fleming sang as part of a service honouring the late US senator John McCain, at Washington National Cathedral.

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McCain, who died of brain cancer last Saturday (25 August), had requested that Fleming sing the song.

"I'm so incredibly touched that he asked for this and that [John] asked for me to sing it. I'm very moved by that," she told CNN in an interview.

"He stood so much for the American values that I certainly treasured growing up; for independent thinking, for collaboration and that extraordinary work ethic. He actually came back and said, 'You know what, we're not getting anything done.' I think that resonated with so many people. He also said, you know – just because you disagree with somebody, you're not their enemy. There were so many things that he stood for, I think, that we – many of us – care about," said Fleming.

Watch the full livestream of the service here.