Someone sneezed into their trombone during a concert – and it sounded ridiculous

10 May 2019, 17:34

What does it sound like when a trombonist sneezes into their instrument during a concert? We give you the Tiptree Sneeze...

During a concert in Tiptree in Essex, a member of the London Central Fellowship Band felt an ill-timed tickle in his nose.

The trombonist, Trevor Smith, sneezed into his instrument, creating a rather adorable sound not dissimilar from a baby elephant’s sneeze. 


The audience for the concert seemed mostly unmoved by the preposterous noise, as does the band's conductor, who manages to keep the performance going without interruption.

Smith, now the band’s treasurer, has since admitted to being the “unfortunate perpetrator of the crime”, after the video went viral on YouTube.

There are two clips of the moment on YouTube, both with over two million views.