Roger Federer plays violin in Lucerne Festival tribute

27 August 2013, 10:28 | Updated: 27 August 2013, 10:43

Tennis maestro Roger Federer paid tribute to the Lucerne Festival's 75th anniversary in a video made by his sponsor, Credit Suisse.

The video opens with Federer on a practice court, trying out different tennis rackets for string tension, before he pulls a violin out of his bag and attempts to play it.

After a variety of atonal, beginner-esque squeaks and scrapes, he says: "No. I'll probably stick to tennis."

At the end of the video he suggests that if he gives up tennis and practises the violin for the next 25 years, he can celebrate the Lucerne Festival's 100th anniversary in person.

Of particular note in the video are Federer's lack of proper bow grip, and his decidedly bent-wristed left hand positioning, rendering the upper half of the fingerboard as good as inaccessible. 

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