Ocarina-playing world record attempt under threat

18 October 2013, 12:13

A choir of schoolchildren hoping to break the record for the greatest number of ocarina players gathered together at one time are desperately seeking volunteers to help their attempt take place.

After two years of planning, a charity event set up by the Schools Music Association is under threat due to a lack of volunteers. The event, due to take place on Tuesday 5 November, will see groups of school children being given ocarinas to play, and singing in a massed choir on stage at the Royal Albert Hall in aid of children's charity, Barnado's.

As well as raising money for charity, the children will be allowed to keep their ocarinas at the end of the concert and offered a programme of music teaching.

The SMA are calling for more observers to help them verify the record attempt. If there are not enough volunteers by the end of the week, the record attempt will be cancelled.

Anyone who would like to volunteer as a world record observer should email secretary@schoolsmusic.org.uk by 20 October.