Ice work if you can get it

Ice composer Terje Isungset has just completed an astonishing concert at Somerset House in London. As one of Europe's leading percussionists, he crafts his instruments from 600-year-old Norwegian glacier ice, arctic birch, granite and slate.

"In 1999 I was asked to create some music for a festival that was being held in a frozen waterfall in Norway. I decided to work with nature as an element, so created instruments from the stones and wood. I also did my performance underneath the ice and tried using ice instruments for the first time”.

And are there any dangers from using ice instruments? Can you get frostbite?

"Yes it is dangerous. I have had some problems - I would not recommend it."

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Terje's next London concert is in November. Between now and then he's visiting India, Australia, Poland, Estonia and his homeland Norway.