Classic FM & MORE TH>N to aid Battersea’s new appeal

You might think that dogs at Battersea are a cultured lot when you hear that Classic FM is their radio station of choice, but the soothing sounds of classical music play an important part in the care of dogs at the Home. And this is never more important than on Bonfire Night.

Bonfire Night can be a terrifying experience for dogs at Battersea Dogs & Cats Home. Already traumatised by being in the kennel environment they often find the noise, bright lights and smoke extremely distressing and the effects can last for days. We do everything we can to help them through our Kennel Enrichment programme; playing them Classic FM, spraying different scents in their kennels, giving them stimulating toys and if needed, using special coats designed for highly stressed dogs. This is all alongside providing the dogs with extra treats on the night and blacking out the windows. We often stay with very anxious dogs during the display in Battersea Park and sometimes we even move dogs to our sites in Kent or Berkshire.

We also ensure that we can offer the increased number of stray dogs that arrive at our doors the veterinary care they need, and a safe place to stay until they are reunited with their owners or re-homed.

But Battersea needs to raise more funds so that it can buy enough kennel enrichment equipment to ensure all the dogs are as stress-free as possible this fireworks season, and over the winter months to come. We desperately need new stereos, additional toys, treats, Thundershirt coats, and scents to help these already abandoned and often abused dogs.

Please donate here today to help a Battersea dog – or call 0870 890 0000

•    £37 will allow us buy a Thundershirt; a proven safe, drug free and effective way to calm an anxious dog.
•    £25 will pay for 2 specially designed training toys
•    £10 will pay for scents for 2 kennels for a whole week
•    £5 will pay for a new Kong

Classic FM and MORE TH>N Pet Insurance have joined forces to kick-start the campaign by donating £1500 to provide some of the much-needed help.

Classic FM morning presenter John Suchet and MORE TH>N’s Brand Strategy Manager Yvette Templar visited Battersea to meet some of the four-legged friends who tune into John’s show each morning and see first-hand the amazing work that is done for the animals.

John Suchet said: “I love dogs and admire the work Battersea does. I was delighted to find out that my Classic FM morning show makes such a difference to the dogs at Battersea. It breaks my heart that so many dogs will be without a home this fireworks season, but hopefully the money we raise for the stereos will help make a big difference to Battersea dogs.”

Pete Markey, Chief Marketing Officer, RSA Group, said: “We are absolutely delighted to work with Battersea Dogs Home to help pets get over the trauma of bonfire night. Fireworks can not only terrify pets but can also disorientate them, causing them to run away from home.  We are asking all pet owners to take extra steps to help their pets get over the stress and playing classical music is just one way of doing this.”

Your gift will make a huge difference to a lost or abandoned dog this Bonfire Night and throughout the festive season.
Please donate here today – or call 0870 890 0000.
You can also post your donation to The Classic FM Appeal, Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, 4 Battersea Park Road, London SW8 4AA.

To find out more about MORE TH>N Pet Insurance, visit

*Any monies raised above the amount needed for kennel enrichment equipment will go towards the care of Battersea dogs and cats.