‘Last Christmas’ by Wham! – in an epic Rondo form improvisation

22 December 2017, 12:28 | Updated: 22 December 2017, 12:35

This pianist decided to create a 12-part series of Christmas improvisations, called The 12 Improvisations of Christmas. Here’s the first one, featuring Wham! and Slade – it’s ridiculously good.

Peter Foggitt sets up his first improvisation as a Rondo, using Slade’s ‘Merry Christmas Everybody’ as the main theme. He then launches into virtuosic episodes of Wham!’s ‘Last Christmas’, ‘Good King Wenceslas’ and ‘Unto Us is Born a Son’.

It’s seriously good – and proves that carols and pop Christmas tunes are part of the same beautifully festive family.

Find the next 11 improvisations on his Facebook profile.

Now, watch pianist Jonny May play eight Christmas songs in six different styles, in the space of ONE minute (he smashes it):