15 funny Christmas classical music tweets guaranteed to bring you mirth

23 December 2020, 13:22

Funny Christmas music tweets
Funny Christmas music tweets. Picture: Getty/Twitter

By Rosie Pentreath

Christmas may be fast approaching, but the nights are dark and the weather chilly. Here are the funniest lines from one of our favourite corners of the Internet to add some sparkle to your day...

👇 🤣

  1. Choral geeks will know...

  2. Christmas carol lyric mix-ups don’t get much better than this

  3. … unless perhaps you turn them into a dad joke. *rolls eyes*

  4. More where that came from:

  5. Twenty-first century nativity scenes

  6. When you mishear the lyric, but the design’s already gone through.

  7. Best Jingle Bells you’ll see all year.

  8. When the festive music directions are just not your vibe.

  9. When you realise you’ve been singing it wrong all your life.

  10. It’s a fair question.

  11. When the greatest story ever told became the greatest tweet ever t(w)old.

  12. When you’re just looking forward to Christmas dinner *so* much

  13. Composer names make the best Christmas carol puns.

  14. A pretty snazzy after-school hangout at Christmastime to be fair...

  15. And with that, we hope YOU sleep in heavenly peas.

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