Music in protest: 9 powerful images of music’s role in times of conflict

5 June 2020, 21:38 | Updated: 5 June 2020, 21:43

By Kyle Macdonald

In times when people have risen up against injustice, fought oppression, and expressed their will, music has always been there. Here are moments when it helped give a voice.

  1. Detroit, Michigan. 3 June 2020

    Trumpeter at a demonstration following the death of George Floyd.

    Trumpeter at a demonstration following the death of George Floyd. Detroit, Michigan June 3, 2020
    Picture: Getty

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  2. Kiev, Ukraine. December 2013

    An unnamed pianist plays Chopin in Kiev's main square. Just days before, security forces had violently removed protesters in a night-time assault.

    Pianist in Kiev
    Picture: Anastasiia Bereza
  3. Hong Kong. 29 September 2014

    Musicians play on the streets of their city, in support of the Occupy Hong Kong protests.

    String players in Hong Kong
    Picture: Mark Tjhung
  4. Baltimore, Maryland. 29 April 2015

    The Baltimore Symphony Orchestra play on the street outside their concert hall, during protests for Freddie Gray, who died in police custody.

    Baltimore Symphony Orchestra
    Picture: Baltimore Symphony Orchestra
  5. Greece-Macedonia border. 2015

    Syrian refugee Rami Basisah plays his violin on the Greece-Macedonia border.

    Rami Basisah
    Picture: Jure Erzen
  6. Bogota, Colombia. 27 November 2019

    Musicians play as part of protests against President Duque in Colombia's capital.

    Protests against President Duque in Colombia
    Picture: Getty
  7. Istanbul, Turkey. 15 June 2013

    A cellist plays during the pro-freedom of speech Gezi Park protests.

    Cellist in Istanbul's Taksim square
    Cellist in Istanbul's Taksim square. Picture: Getty
  8. Caracas, Venezuela. 24 May 2017

    A violinist stands in front of an armoured vehicle and water cannon, during a protest against President Nicolas Maduro in the Venezuelan capital.

    Violinist during protests in Caracas
    Violinist during protests in Caracas. Picture: Getty
  9. Berlin, Germany. 11 November 1989

    Two days after the official fall of the Berlin Wall, cellist Mstislav Rostropovich plays Bach's Cello Suites at the frontier.

    Mstislav Rostropovich at the Berlin Wall
    Mstislav Rostropovich at the Berlin Wall. Picture: PA