Jazz band turns fire alarm into third member of the trio

18 February 2020, 17:24 | Updated: 21 January 2022, 16:45

Monte Skelton and Dekar Baker at Moe's House
Monte Skelton and Dekar Baker at Moe's House. Picture: Facebook

By Kyle Macdonald

A faulty fire alarm interrupts a free-reeling jam. But it takes more than that to stop the music...

A saxophone and drums duo were midway through their set in a bar on 9 February in Evansville, Indiana, when a faulty fire alarm interrupted their performance.

However, any jazzer worth their salt is a consummate adapter and improviser.

Undeterred by the entry of the blaring third-party, they worked with what they were given, and it set the room ablaze (watch below).

Quickly finding the tempo, tone and timbre of the faulty devise’s cacophonous cry, saxophonist Monte Skelton and drummer Dekar Baker worked it into a freely flowing series of hits in call and response.

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Turns out all that was on fire were the chops and creative instincts of these two heroic jazzers.