Lucie Horsch expertly roasts TwoSet in violin vs recorder duel

24 April 2020, 21:00

By Kyle Macdonald

The virtuoso violin YouTubers, versus a 20-year-old recorder star. Who’s been practising more?

The Australian duo TwoSet Violin give us some of the very best videos on YouTube. Their relatable practice room content, flowing Hilary Hahn veneration, and entertaining Q&As have helped them amass over two million subscribers on YouTube. We’re big fans, and think they have helped write a very exciting chapter in classical music.

In the last few months, Brett and Eddy have also added some brutal classical music roasts and instrument battles to their playlists.

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Last week in a new video, professional violinist Brett demonstrated some techniques of the violin, while not-so-professional recordist Eddy tried his best on a cheap recorder. All very funny.

But then, in steps twenty-year-old recorder virtuoso Lucie Horsch.

Not terribly happy with this less-than-perfect portrayal of the capabilities of her instrument, she made her own video in response.

In it, she masterfully delivers the desired range, tremolo, vibrato, tone and more to send the wannabe recorder roasters packing and back to their practice rooms. Here it is, in its full glory:

Reaction to 'Violin vs Recorder' Twoset Violin

This my reaction to Twoset Violin's video 'Violin vs Recorder', I couldn't resist to use this opportunity... :)

Posted by Lucie Horsch on Friday, 17 April 2020

A great way to set the record(er) straight, and a fantastic, good-natured duel from across the strings and woodwind divide.